Fine China


"Fine China"


( 1:)
Baby, does he do it for you?
When hes finished, does he step back and adore you?
I just gotta know 'cause your time is money and I wont let him waste it
Oh no no

Baby, just go with it
'Cause when you're with me I cant explain it
Its just different
We can take it slow or act like you're my girl, lets skip the basics, whoa, no.

Hes so replaceable
You're worth the chase you're putting on

Its alright,
I'm not dangerous
When you're mine,
I'll be generous
You're irreplaceable
A collectible
Just like fine China

( 2:)
Favorite. You're my favorite.
Its like all the girls around me dont have faces.
And the saying goes
"Life is just a game" but I'm not playin', whoa.

Hes so replaceable
You're worth the chase, you're puttin' up.

( x2)

( 3:)
Took me awhile to find your love
Ain't no amount of time in this world
Save me a lot of time and just love me
Feel it, baby, feel it in your soul
Are you ready?
I know your heart's been telling you you belong to me, ah nah nah no.


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